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The Feats of Wisdom….

Wisdom, the most precious of all treasures, desired and sought after by all men in all ages, has its remarkable exploits. In the bible, the book of proverbs, chapter 9 talks about the feats wisdom have accomplished. Wisdom cries out constantly, “Forsake the foolish ways and live and go in the ways of understanding” Pr. 9:6.

The word “foolish” means silly, simple, helpless, weak, exhibiting lack of common sense or sound judgment, being stunned or dazed. The word simple can further be explained as humble, innocent, ignorant, not culturally sophisticated. On the other hand “understanding” means knowledge, meaning, and wisdom.

The bible tells us to forsake the simple way (humble way, weak way, innocent way, unsophisticated way) and go into the way of the knowledge, meaning and wisdom. Take any matter, do not remain simple & ignorant about it but be sophisticated (gain understanding, gain knowledge about it). Wisdom’s way is to gain understanding. Once you gain understanding wisdom will come in that matter.  “A foolish woman (any foolish person) is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.” Pr. 9:13.  If you want to operate in wisdom (operate in knowledge) forsake foolishness or ignorance.

The first few scriptures of Proverbs 9 show us that wisdom is established and wisdom offers a call to gain it. The only way you begin to gain wisdom and walk in understanding is to get to know the Lord and fear (revere) the Lord.

Key Notes on Wisdom:

  1. Forsake folly (simplicity, weakness, being unsophisticated). Become detail oriented, sophisticated, gain understanding, proceed in the way of understanding)
  2. Do not correct a scoffer (Do not reprove a wicked man)
  3. Give instruction and offer correction to a wise man
  4. Fear (Revere) the Lord
  5. Get to know Him (Knowledge of the Holy one)

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