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“…and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God” Ps. 50:23.

God is asking His people to “order” their conversation and to order it “ARIGHT”. The word order in the original Greek is “soom or seem” which means appoint, ordain, rehearse, work.

  1. These are the works of evil (what an evil man does with his mouth):
    1. They hate instruction(The Lord’s instruction)
    2. They cast the instruction of the Lord behind
    3. They speak against their own brother
    4. They slander about their brother
    5. They consents with an evil person
    6. They partake with adulterers
    7. They give their mouth to evil
    8. Their tongue frame deceit
  2. We are to order our conversation. Order means to dispose (arrange, set in readiness, arrange in an orderly way). Our conversation should e ordered, disposed, rehearsed. Why should it be ordered or rehearsed? So that it is right, whatever comes out of our mouth is the right conversation.
  3. God is telling the wicked: Let there be a change in your attitude. Do not hate the Lord’s instruction but love it!! Go into God’s presence seeking instruction. The purpose of your quiet time and time with God should be to receive instruction(chastisement if necessary, discipline, correction, …doctrine)
  4. When an instruction comes to you from the Lord assimilate it, actuate it and let it become part of your life!

Few things to stir away from:

v  Do not consent (be pleased with, accept, approve) with an evil person.

v   Do not partake with adulterers.

The dictionary meaning of partake:

  • Do not have any portion with
  • Have anything to do with
  • To take part in/with
  • To have portion of/fellowship with

The writer of proverbs is clearly telling us (under the direction of the Holy Spirit) not to have fellowship/communion with adulterers.

v  Do not allow your mouth to speak evil (give your mouth to evil)

v  Do not frame any fraud or deceit or guile with your mouth

v  Do not speak against your brother

v  Do not slander your brother


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